Stuff that is here and is pretty much a vision for this blog:

Hi there! well, it is hoped that from this will come a means of simplifying, alerting people to, and building different means of communication. Primarily this will be technological but will also periodically have a philosophical bent. And create happiness the world over. And also save stuff, and people, and animals, and things that inspire people that are really special and meaningful. We’ll see what we can do about that — with your help, that is. Because really good communication without caring is not really communication at all. And an internet that does not have people involved in helping each other, it wouldn’t be worthwhile, would it.

…and, um, also:

Everybody will have a place to contribute here. As the blog evolves there will be more and more places where people can author and contribute stuff and become part of really cool exciting initiatives.

How is this space provided? What does it all mean? Click here for details on the CyberGuerrilla AnonNexus Collective.

Also, we would like to thank Derpy Hooves. She hasn’t really gone away. She lives on in all of us.


  1. Ben Rachinger
    Ben Rachinger April 18, 2013 at 1:01 am . Reply

    Hello 🙂

  2. 15horses1donkey
    15horses1donkey October 20, 2015 at 4:04 am . Reply

    Hi, am very happy to have had you drop by my site. Communications is key, and you proved yourself a communicator when you left a comment. I learned much. Wish all would comment! Keep caring.

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