A Greater Giving Potential: Introducing Micro-Donations

In some previous posts to this blog (1, 2), I have alluded to the compassion and microgiving potential being developed through the ABIS project as part of Bytecoin [BCN].  As of October 1, 2015 after working for some length of time with BCN developers on the idea, and following a community input process, the micro-donations concept has formally become part of BCN, as announced on the developers’ blog.  My initial post announcing this release was made available on the developers’ blog, in which I provided my own vision on how this can allow us to completely alter the financial system as we know it, and provide greater giving potential to all.


I believe this idea can spread broadly to many other currencies and be incorporated readily in cryptocurrency systems in particular.  The initial implementation of this idea is very simple, involving two use cases that can be readily incorporated into any transaction should the user desire.


Because the system itself is self-explanatory once the user begins to open and use the wallet, and because financial censorship is prevented if relying on BCN’s installable desktop graphic wallet which is available for Linux, OSX, or Windows; which both insulates the users from known censorship problems historically associated with common web-based wallets or services, and functions as a simple, graphically user-friendly tool which streamlines the process of sending and receiving, there is no need for a detailed explainer in this blog of how to use the wallet.  The vital element here is to raise awareness about the fact that there now exists a way to changing the method by which we would normally transact, by using this wallet (or by incorporating the working idea into other currency systems).  Use this wallet, and if you’d like to see such features in a different currency, raise the issue in development mailing list(s) for your currency or open an issue in github for your currency.  But mostly, please feel free to use the BCN wallet now available, and examine the possibilities that are now available to you to alter the meaning of transactions and what you can do to empower yourself and others within the financial system that you may not have been able to before.

Brief Translations

The following are brief translations in several languages, sufficient for social media distribution purposes (and short enough for twitter), for those who are interested in getting out the word about this concept or about simply finding more information in a language other than English on social media:

Español / Castellano

ABIS () opción microdonation ahora en  ~  


ABIS () opció microdonation ara en  cartera  


ABIS()〜小額捐款現在可以在  錢包,抗拒檢查: 


 micro don maintenant possible dans  portefeuille résiste à la censure

ABIS () ~ التبرع الدقيقة الممكن الآن في  المحفظة، يقاوم الرقابة: http://www.worldlingo.com/en/websites/url_translator.html


 пожертвование теперь можно в  бумажнике микро, сопротивляется цензура


 micro dárcovství nyní možné v  peněžence  





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  2. 15horses1donkey
    15horses1donkey October 20, 2015 at 3:38 am . Reply

    I have some questions. Do you anticipate ABIS becoming popular beyond this first implementation? What level of support is there for those who would do a second, third implementation? Finally, what metadata is available on transactions for currency providers? eg. total donations, list of recipients, average donation amount, etc.

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